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SJTA Foundation Fund

SJTA Foundation Fund Activity Award

Foundation Fund Flyer

Did you know that all of the proceeds collected from our Skits n Frenzy teacher talent show are used for Foundation Fund Enrichment Awards?


Committee: Abby Stone, Brian Hallett, Donna Sievers, Donna Stuckey, Jennifer Peters, Jessica Bibbins, Jessica Horning, Judith Whitney, Laurie Rowsam, Lindsey Parish, Tayler Sorell, and Traci Jones.


The South Jefferson Teacher's Association Foundation Fund was established in 1989 as a means to provide recognition and financial assistance for students who wish to attend enrichment activities which a sponsoring teacher feels will enhance the students’ experience at South Jefferson in our regular academic or extra-curricular programs.


  • Any student in Grades K-12, who is presently enrolled in the South Jefferson Central School District, is eligible to apply for this award.
  • The program must be deemed beneficial to the student's educational experience.
  • Priority to one-time or once a year activities will be given over continued activities.
  • Programs may include but are not limited to, academics, fine arts, leadership, cultural and sports-related activities.
  • Requests involving monthly or yearly memberships or dues, or uniforms will not be given consideration.
  • Organized Group Trips which are already partially financed through organized fundraising activities will not be given consideration.
  • Due to legal restrictions, Church-related programs will not be given consideration.

Application Process and Presentation of Awards:
  • The deadline for application submissions is June 14, 2024.
  • A member of the Foundation Fund committee will reach out to the applicant if more information is needed to process the award.
  • All applications must have a sponsoring teacher or coach who is associated with the student at the time of the application.  Faculty and staff cannot sponsor their own children.
  • Applications should be completed by the student with help from a parent or teacher as needed. Student input is a requirement.
  • All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Foundation Fund committee within one week of the deadline.  
Award Distribution:
  • Students can apply for an award two times during their years at South Jefferson, at any grade level.
  • Any future changes to the number of awards or the amount of the awards will be reviewed annually by the Foundation Fund committee.
Foundation Fund Award Guidelines
Program Cost Award Amount
Less than $100 Full amount of the program
More than $100 $100
Foundation Fund Payment Options
Option 1: Payment directly to activity sponsor
The foundation fund committee will send a check in accordance with the award guidelines directly to the activity sponsor before the registration deadline.  You must provide appropriate documentation. (For example, a camp brochure)
Option 2: Payment reimbursement
You pay for the activity directly and then a reimbursement check will be sent out in accordance with the award distribution table for this activity. You must provide proof that the activity was attended/completed.

Examples of Enrichment Opportunities

Here is a list of activities that previous award recipients have experience using Foundation Fund Awards. 
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