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Business Office

The South Jefferson Business Office is responsible for managing the money needed to support the district’s educational mission. One of the office’s most important functions is developing the proposed school budget for the consideration of the district’s board of education and voters.

Business Office Personnel

Joshua Hartshorne
District Business Official

(315) 583-6107

Katie Dandrow
Prinicpal Account Clerk
(315) 583-6106

Amber Desormo
Senior Account Clerk/Payroll Clerk 
(315) 583-6106

Tiffany Sholett
Health Insurance Clerk/School Tax Collector/Claims Auditor
(315) 583-6106


Tax Collection 

To pay in person: 

Cash, Check or Money Order Only

Watertown Savings Bank 
10729 US RTE 11 
Adams, NY 13605

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM -  4:00 PM  during September and October
Drive-thru and Lobby available

For questions, please call (315) 583-6106

Budget Information

As we prepare for our annual budget each year, we provide a number of documents with information pertaining to the budget process. Please visit our Budget Information page for more information. 

NYS Comptroller's "Report Of Examination" Audit

The State Comptroller has filed the "Report Of Examination" for the period of July 1, 2014-May 9, 2016. The report is available for download. Please refer to the download section in the sidebar to download, print or save a copy. 

Audited Financial Statements

South Jefferson CSD completed its annual risk assessment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. The reports are available under the Downloads section of this page.

Information & District Records are available thru the District Office at (315) 583-6104


Transportation Update
Some have reached out to me with great questions about why, in times of such great fiscal need, would we move forward with purchasing buses? The most important reason is student safety. Our fleet travels roughly ½ million miles each year covering over 200 square miles daily to safely pick up our students and make sure they get home. If the buses are not rotated out as they approach the end  of their warranty period, there are increased costs for maintenance.
The District’s transportation aid ratio is 90%.  This means that the District receives 90% of the approved transportation expenses back as revenue.
Construction Update
Other things happening relate to the Capital Project and the Smart Schools Bond Act Project. We will complete the Capital Project, that was approved by voters in 2017, focusing on the Clarke Building, creating new welcoming yet more secure entrances at both the High School and Middle School, replacing some ventilation units, and other required work to keep the building up to code. The Smart Schools Project will allow the district to install new classroom notification systems in all four buildings and a new emergency communication system (public address) at Mannsville. Funding for the Capital Project was approved in the Spring of 2017. Those funds cannot be used for anything other than capital improvements. The Smart Schools Bond Act is an Act approved by voters statewide in November 2014. Those funds must be spent in certain categories. We have focused most of that spending in the High-Tech Security Category. Like Transportation Aid, these funds cannot be shifted to support personnel, even in these most difficult times.
South Jefferson Central School Dist.
PO Box 10, Adams, NY 13605

(315) 583-6104