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South Jefferson Yearbook

2022 Yearbook Cover

   Welcome to the South Jefferson 2021-22 Yearbook Page!

   Please check the calendar below for important dates and deadlines!

   Order your yearbooks or ads at:


Senior Ad (PDAs) Deadline - Dec. 3, 2021
If you miss this deadline we can not guarantee that your ad will be in the yearbook.
Please complete and submit the senior ad form.
Select from our pre-made template designs or design online at

Ad Prices:
Full Page- $225
Half Page- $105
Quarter Page- $80
Eighth Page- $45
(Please make checks out to South Jefferson Yearbook.)

Yearbooks Go On Sale!!!

HS YEARBOOKS GO ON SALE SEPT. 1st for $50 and if you order personalization you get 4 free icons. This is the best deal of the year!

MS Yearbooks go on sale September 1st for $21.60.  ORDER YEARBOOKS AT: Please make sure you are ordering the correct grade level yearbook!

Senior Photo Deadline - October 29th
ALL SENIOR PHOTOS ARE DUE. If you miss this deadline then you are not guaranteed to be in the yearbook.

Senior Photos
Please follow the attached Senior Portrait Guidelines for all information regarding portrait rules, sizes and submission!

If mailing photos, please read the guidelines, then use the following address:

South Jefferson CSD
c/o HS Yearbook Advisor
PO Box 10
Adams, NY 13605

Group Photo Day - TBA
  • Group Photo Day 8:00 am - 2:30 pm  in the HS auditorium
  • Photographers: Best Eye Photography

Business ADs Deadline - TBA

South Jefferson Central School Dist.
PO Box 10, Adams, NY 13605

(315) 583-6104