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Spartan Pride Stride

Spartan Pride Stride Success!

On June 6th Wilson elementary PTO hosted a walk/runathon to raise money. This fundraiser was yet again a fun event enjoyed by all students and staff. The kids had sponsors donate money for them to walk or run as many laps as they could get in during their delegated time out on the track. The fundraiser was alot of fun and a HUGE success!!!

The entire school raised a total of $3,250.44 for our PTO!!! We also had a drawing for the top two sellers in each class and the winners won their very own fitbit! The winners were Zachary O'Neil a 1st grader and Jett Bunker a 4th grader! We hope they enjoy their prizes. 

The TOP SELLERS from each grade level got the chance to race Mr. G while the entire school cheered them on!!!

Pre K- Jovie Larsen 
KAD- Cooper Waite 
1st Grade- Lucas Burnham and Bailey Hazelton
2nd Grade- Evan Clement
3rd Grade- Nicholas Waite 
4th Grade- Noah Perry
5th Grade- Nate Matteson 

South Jefferson Central School Dist.
PO Box 10, Adams, NY 13605

(315) 583-6104