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The Benefits of Reading

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"The Benefits of Reading" an article by SJ Middle School Gazette journalists Olivia Piatt and Jacob Janz, with help from Carter Stone.

It’s commonly agreed upon that reading is beneficial for children, teens, and adults. Here is some proof of that.

 “Being able to understand what other people are feeling is critical for building social relationships. So even though reading is a solitary activity, it could improve your   social life.” Says Sarah Begley in an article for TIME, called Books can also improve your mental health. “Book lovers profess a deep emotional bond with books, and scientists are increasingly looking to explain just what it is about fiction that improves our mental health.” Says Begley. Books also help your social health and help you connect with other people. “Headlines proclaimed that reading even a few pages of a short story could instantly improve your ability to empathize with your fellow man. ”States Begley. People can connect through different books that they have read.“ Another recent study, from the University of Münster, identified a separate social aspect of reading. "Heavy book users --those who get through at least 18 books per year--flaunt their books in public or on living-room bookshelves as a way of communicating something about themselves in an effort to ‘shape identity and self-expression,’.” Begley wrote.
You can also find great works of literature and stories that you can relate to. “Their Eyes Were Watching God,”  is a 20th century masterpiece that has much to say about not just love but also religion, race, feminism and folklore, in addition to being a practically perfect work of art. But it is exactly because these books are not reducible to a single theme or lesson that readers can get so much out of them. A truly great novel, Berthoud says, ‘gets into your subconscious and actually can change your very psyche from within.
Reading can also distract you from real world problems and relieve stress.“When reading, you must focus on the characters and the plot of the book. The distraction into the literary world allows you to distance yourself from the stress of everyday life, putting your mind and body at ease. Losing yourself in a great story can be a perfect remedy for stress.” Says Andrew Moorhead in a Campbell County Public Library article,

Of all of these great reasons to pick up a book, I hope you now know that reading is an important part of leading a great life. So go pick up a good piece of literature, and now you hopefully will enjoy it more.
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