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Business Office

The South Jefferson Business Office is responsible for managing the money needed to support the district’s educational mission. One of the office’s most important functions is developing the proposed school budget for the consideration of the district’s board of education and voters.

Business Office Personnel

Cora Harvey, District Business Official
(315) 583-6107

Kerrie Hosley, Senior Account Clerk
(315) 583-6106

Jessica Bast, Payroll Clerk 
(315) 583-6106

Andrea West, Health Insurance Clerk
(315) 583-6107

Tanya Carpenter, Internal Claims Auditor
(315) 583-6106

Budget Information

As we prepare for our annual budget each year, we provide a number of documents with information pertaining to the budget process. Please visit our Budget Information page for more information. 

NYS Comptroller's "Report Of Examination" Audit

The State Comptroller has filed the "Report Of Examination" for the period of July 1, 2014-May 9, 2016. The report is available for download. Please refer to the download section in the sidebar to download, print or save a copy. 

Audited Financial Statements

South Jefferson CSD completed its annual risk assessment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. The reports are available for download. 

Information & District Records are available thru the District Office at (315) 583-6104


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Capital Project Update
Plans for the capital project approved by voters in May 2017 were submitted to the State Education Department and approved December 2018.  The project was bid March 4, 2019. The District awarded contracts at the March 13, 2019 Board of Education meeting. We expect construction to begin this spring and continue through the summer.  We anticipate the new stadium to be ready for use for the 2019-2020 school year.  It's hard to be patient, but good things take time! 

Smart School Bond Projects
South Jefferson is currently awaiting approval from SED on two Smart School projects that will begin to utilize the $1.9 million of aid earmarked for our district in the State’s Smart Bond Initiative. Smart School funds must be used for specific purposes such as improving access to technology and enhancing school safety and security. Phase 1 proposes the installation of a district-wide VOIP telecommunication system that will allow for more efficient, reliable communication within and between district buildings. Phase 2 provides for the installation of a classroom notification system that provide audio, visual, and digital emergency communications as well as additional security cameras and security software upgrades. We hope to be able to begin implementation of Phase 1 by this fall and Phase 2 by next summer. Future phases will continue to be informed by the district’s goals, Building Conditions Survey, and Technology Plan.


SJCSD state comptroller's audit
SJCSD Internal Audit 6-30-2018
SJCSD External Audit Statements
South Jefferson Central School Dist.
PO Box 10, Adams, NY 13605

(315) 583-6104