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Transportation Department


Transportation Department Personnel

P: (315) 583-5221

John Groff:
Transportation Supervisor

Jessica Racine: Dispatcher
Bus Garage Office Hours
Monday–Thursday: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm 
Friday:  6:00 am – 4:00 pm

How do I find out what bus my child rides? 

A letter will be mailed to parents in the summer with busing information.  This will provide parents with an opportunity to review the information and contact the school if a change needs to be made. 


Bus, Pick-Up, Walker and SACC Program Information

  • The Transportation Destination form must be filled out for all students. Please indicate whether student rides a bus, will be picked up, attends the SACC program or is a walker.
  • Students will be allowed one primary drop off location and one alternative (secondary) drop off location. Both destinations will be kept on file in the school Main Office.
  • Phone calls or e-mails will not be accepted to change the afternoon location. A written note or in-person visit must occur if the student is to go to their alternate location or be picked up.
  • Requests to change any location other than what is written on this form cannot be accepted. The bus garage and bus drivers cannot authorize changes to this form.

What you as a parent or guardian need to do:

  1. Fill out the Transportation Destination Form (below) and return it to your child’s teacher or directly to the Main Office as soon as possible.
    • Send in a note each day your child is to go to their alternate location.
    • Notes requesting changes to locations other than the two listed on the information sheet will not be allowed.
  2. Please note that changes to this form may be submitted based on need only and frequent changes may be reviewed by the principal.
  3. Understand that it is the parent’s responsibility to have an adult waiting for the child at the bus stop.
  4. If an emergency arises, you must speak with the principal. Only the principal can approve these changes.


Bus, Pick-Up, Walker and SACC Program Information

What you as a parent/guardian need to do:

1. Fill out the information form below and return it directly to the Main Office as soon as possible.
2. Students will be allowed one primary drop off location and one alternative (secondary) drop off location.  Both destinations will be kept on file in the schools Main Office.
3. A written note must be submitted to the office at the beginning of the day if the student is to go to their alternative location or be picked-up prior to dismissal.

***All transportation changes require up to 24 hours to process. Please plan accordingly.*** 



Late Buses
The District provides “late buses” for students who stay after-school for sports, clubs and academic help.  (Monday – Thursday for Clarke MS/HS, Tuesday – Thursday for elementary, no late buses on Fridays)

Clarke MS/HS students:  (Monday – Thursday) Buses depart the Clarke Building at approximately 4:40 pm    

Wilson Elementary and Mannsville Elementary: (Tuesday – Thursday) Buses depart elementary buildings at approximately 4:20 pm and then travel to the Clarke Building to pick up students before beginning their routes.   

Please be aware
Route times vary greatly from day to day depending on the number of students riding on any given afternoon.  Depending on your address, weather conditions and the number of students riding a particular late bus, drop-off times typically range from 4:45 – 6:45.  The South Jefferson CSD is about 200 square miles and each late bus covers a large geographic area.  We are committed to transporting every student safely.  Please call the Transportation Office at 583-5221 if you are concerned about your child’s arrival time and are unable to reach him/her otherwise.  Our buses are 2-way radio equipped.  Therefore, questions can generally be answered fairly quickly.

South Jefferson Central School Dist.
PO Box 10, Adams, NY 13605

(315) 583-6104