Goals & Priorities

South Jefferson Central School District

2011-2014 District Goals and Priorities  


DISTRICT GOAL: Maintain our reputation for high academic achievement by focusing on:





Administrative Responsibilities: Empowering-Promoting-Protecting

Learning and Instructional Objectives

Implement the improvement of literacy skills at all grade levels, with a focus on writing

Support common core standards, evidence-based observation, and data-driven instruction with professional development

Improve teaching and learning by continually reviewing curriculum, assessment, and data

Collaboratively develop and implement the APPR

Identify and implement technology strategies that support literacy and learning

Provide students with varied and successful educational, career, and life choice experiences

Initiatives 2011-2012

Responsive Classroom

Read 180


Pacing Guides

Collegial Support Teams

Common and Formative Assessments

Think Tank on Grading and Homework

Initiatives 2012-2013

Implementation of the APPR

Interim Assessment K-12 Development

Common Core Alignment ELA and Math K-5

Review Pre-Test Development

Review Local Writing Assessment


Initiatives 2013-2014

APPR and Common Core Implementation K-12

K-2 New Common Core

District-Developed Assessments K-3

AIS/RTI/Extended Instruction in ELA & Math

9-12 Common Core ELA & Math Alignment

Data-Driven Instruction K-12

AIMS web expansion K-5 ELA





DISTRICT GOAL: Provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and our community by focusing on:




Administrative Responsibilities: District Safety Plan Development and Implementation 


Safety and Security Objectives

Continue to focus on emergency preparedness, building security, and crisis communication

Continue training for all staff and students on safety and security

Continue and schedule one lock down and one evacuation drill during the school year


Initiatives 2011-2012

Security camera installation

Safety and security staff training

Prevention of bullying training

Emergency response drills

Evacuation drills

Lockdown drills

Policy book update

Crisis communication plan development

Annual emergency procedures implementation

Initiatives 2012-2013

Security camera expansion

Safety and security staff training

Prevention of bullying training

Emergency response drills

Evacuation drills

Lockdown drills

Annual emergency procedures implementation

Prepare facilities lists


Initiatives 2013-2014

Timely and realistic emergency drills

Active Shooter Prevention Training

District-wide lock-out implementation

Update district safety plan

Schedule disaster planning with responders

Security camera expansion

Prevention of bullying training




DISTRICT GOAL: Continue and support a welcoming school environment for everyone by focusing on:


Administrative Responsibilities: Demonstrate open communication and active listening skills

District Communication Objectives

Communicate often with parents and residents about the district through the use of technology and mailings

Focus on collaboration that supports direct, fair, positive, and compassionate communication skills between staff and the community

Participate and support other community leaders and organizations concerning local and regional issues

Support a diverse communication strategy that includes all forms of media, as well as technology


Initiatives 2011-2014

District and building newsletters

Parent surveys

Budget forums

Media releases





DISTRICT GOAL: Continue to implement fiscally sound practices and school budgets by focusing on:




Administrative Responsibilities: Continually monitor the financial status of our district

Fiscal and Advocacy Objectives

Advocate for South Jeff’s financial solvency

Communicate the District’s fiscal status often

Continue to discuss and create a multitude of options for any fiscal scenario

Continue fiscal accountability policy and procedure implementation

Continue to support innovative strategies for the provision of employee health insurance and benefits

Continue to monitor the district’s self-funded health insurance plan

Continue advocacy initiatives with all stakeholders by providing advocacy information to the local and regional community


Initiatives 2011-2014

Prepare for long-range budget development and the implementation of the tax levy limit

Prepare an initial long-range budget for the current school year

Prepare for future negotiations with all units

Closely monitor the health insurance fund by providing monthly updates to the Superintendent and the BOE

Continually review third party administrator and stop loss contracts

Participate and coordinate regional training for all school business managers and administrators

Review and evaluate our district's banking relationships to prepare for transitions as they occur

Providing direction and guidance for permanent financing

Begin preparations for the final stage of the current repair and renovation project





DISTRICT GOAL: Continue to support the educational mission of the South Jefferson Central School District

Administrative Responsibilities: Continue collaborative relationships that support facility, transportations and food service


Support Services Objectives

Focus on the security of buildings and facilities

Continue the implementation of the district’s preventative maintenance plan


Review and support conservation initiatives district-wide


Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the online food service reimbursement program

Focus on local and regional food options, as well as the support of the back pack and composting programs

Continue to focus on the safe transportation of students 

Continue the outstanding maintenance inspections of transportation department vehicles and procedures


Initiatives 2011-2014

Focus on the implementation of the Federal Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act of 2010

Continue the implementation of the district-wide breakfast program

Maintain exceptionally safe school facilities by participating in emergency planning, facility reviews and safety plan implementation

Continue the maintenance of all facility equipment and systems

Continue the use of Transfinder to optimize transportation services

Continue to focus on transportation safety standards and outstanding bus maintenance programs and inspections

Support the recruitment of transportation drivers for long-range continuity





DISTRICT GOAL: Continue to tenure the highest level of instructional staff and use the evaluation process to support excellent employee performance


Administrative Responsibilities: Constant collaboration and communication with all staff

Personnel Objectives

Recruit and retain the highest qualified staff

Support a mission and goal-focused evaluation system that includes professional development for all employees

Support wellness and school safety initiatives for students, staff, and the community


Initiatives 2011-2014

Implement the requirements for the new evaluation system for teachers and administrators

Complete evaluations on all district employees

Schedule professional development for every department



DISTRICT GOAL:  The Board of Education remains involved in all aspects of the District


Administrative Responsibilities: Support Board of Education priorities and District policies

Board of Education Objectives

Support community involvement in all areas of the District and actively support the community’s use of school facilities

Continue Board of Education policy review and development

Support advocacy for fiscal equity

Continue long-range fiscal and instructional planning

Recognize and celebrate community and staff accomplishments


Initiatives 2011-2014

Review and update policies

Continue advocacy initiatives with all stakeholders by providing advocacy information to the local and regional community

Prepare for current and long-range budget development and the implementation of the tax levy limit
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